How to Burn a CD / DVD in Windows 7

The good news is that to burn files (pictures, mp3s, Word documents etc.) onto a CD or DVD in Windows 7 doesn’t require any extra software. Here’s how to do it.

  • Insert blank CD / DVD into your CD / DVD drive
  • Open Windows Explorer (hold Windows button + E simultaneously)
  • Identify your CD / DVD

Windows Explorer showing a blank DVD

  • Double click on the drive containing the disk. You will see this dialogue box:

Burn to disk dialogue box 1

  • Enter a title for your disk
  • Select Mit einem CD/DVD-Player
  • Click Weiter
  • A Window will open displaying the blank disk:

Choose files to burn to disk

  • Drag and drop the files you want to burn onto this window
  • Then select Auf Datenträger Brennen:

Confirm burning

  • You’ll see this window:

Prepare disk

  • Click Weiter
  • The disk will burn
  • The disk will eject
  • You’re done