Update 2015.10.12

I’ve closed the comments on this blog as the amount of spam I was getting was ridiculous.

I was tempted to remove the blog from the net entirely (I haven’t been able to give it the attention it deserves for a good few months now), but following a bunch of positive feedback, decided to leave it as a resource for others for the time being.

Update 2013.05.14

As you might have noticed, I finally got round to rolling my own theme. It was a fun experience to code one from scratch and I learnt a lot. I also took the opportunity to apply the “mobile first” principle to my design, meaning that this site should look good no matter what device it’s viewed on.

My analytics show that I have had more than 10,000 unique visitors since I launched. I had never expected anything like that level of interest, so I guess this serves to underline the importance of MUD in getting things done.

A self-proclaimed computer geek, I work in a variety of jobs, ranging from systems administrator for a department at a large uni, to freelance web designer/developer, to teacher of English as a foreign language. I am also a self-taught ruby programmer and have successfully developed various projects using ruby, as well as the rails framework.

Having read and been inspired by numerous “share what you learn” type blogs, I’d been meaning for some time to start my own. In the course of my work I encounter and (usually) solve a wide range of problems. I also help lots of my colleagues, friends and family solve their computer problems and use their PCs to get stuff done.

It therefore seemed like a good idea to have a place where not only could I record problems I had solved and the steps I had taken to solve them, but to which I could refer other friends/family/colleagues  in the event that they had a similar problem.
This is that place.

But what’s with the generic WordPress theme?

Another lesson that it took me a long time to learn is that it’s all about the content. Computers are essentially tools to help people communicate with people.
As I said, I’d been meaning to start a blog for some time, but was plagued with thoughts like “You need a nice design first”, or “You need an imaginative and catchy title”, or “You need to learn WordPress inside out before you can write anything”.

Then I discovered MUD: Minimum Usable Design. This article changed the way I think about … well, a lot of things, and gave me the push I needed to start this blog.

Suffice to say the generic WP theme will be replaced over time with something slightly more exciting, but just by getting my content online, I’m already halfway through the forest.