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Tampermonkey Tutorial (2)

At work, I’m currently working on a rather large form. And when I say large, I mean seriously large – I just counted, it has 136 fields.

Now when a user submits the form, the input is validated. If everything is correct the user’s data is saved to a data base, otherwise the form re-renders, displaying appropriate error messages.

I have written unit tests to test the form’s logic, but nonetheless I still want to test the form manually, just to be 100% sure that things are displaying as expected.

But there’s no way that I’m going to manually fill out 136 fields over and over again. No Sir! A much better solution would be to use Tampermonkey to do it for me.

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Tampermonkey Tutorial

In an effort to stay abreast of developments on the World Wide Web, I subscribe to the CodeProject’s excellent newsletter: The Daily Insider. Now, when I open this newsletter in my browser, I’m presented with a whole bunch of links (usually 12) that I want to open. It was getting a bit bothersome to open all of these manually, so I decided to write a userscript to do it for me.

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