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Display UI-blocking overlay on page load

A client asked me to add an announcement to their website, informing visitors that their business would be shut during the holidays.

“Uh, ok”, I said, thinking that I could place an announcement in the sidebar, but the client wanted more. They wanted it visible, like really, really visible.

The solution we ended up with was to have the announcement displayed in an interface-blocking overlay when the site loaded. This would be shown to the user only once.

Although not overly user-friendly, some people might find this useful, so here’s how I coded it.

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Making Lightbox work in IE9

I’m a big fan of Lokesh Dhakar’s Lightbox script, which is an elegant and easy to use method of displaying images against a darkened background on a web page. I’ve used this script quite heavily in the past, so I was somewhat alarmed when reviewing some of my old projects, to observe that it was broken in Internet Explorer 9.

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Overlaying Lightbox with the HTML5 Canvas Element

Here’s how to use the HTML5 canvas element in conjunction with Lokesh Dhakar’s excellent Lightbox2 script, to dynamically highlight a part of a static image (in this case individual offices on a company’s floor plan).  Read more…