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How to persist checkbox checked state after page reload

This quick tip describes how to have your browser remember the state of checkboxes once a page has been refreshed or a user navigates away from your site to come back at a later date.

It might be useful to Persist Checkbox Checked State if, for example, you use checkboxes to allow your users to set site-specific preferences, such as opening external links in a new window or hiding certain page elements.

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Using cookies with jQuery to make a simple style switcher

Short for HyperText Transfer Protocol, HTTP is the underlying protocol of the World Wide Web. It is used when a browser requests a web page from a server and it is used when the server responds to the browser’s request. HTTP is great, but it is also stateless, which means that once a server has sent a page to a browser, it forgets having done so straight away. This can be a problem, for example, if a user has identified themselves in order to access protected pages, or if a user wants to customize some aspect of a website, as the server simply cannot remember a thing about it!

Sounds like a job for cookies!

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