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How to make a simple visitor counter using PHP

Imagine you want a visitor counter on your homepage. Sure, there are plenty of free ones out there, but I’m never happy about embedding third party code in my website, and besides wouldn’t it be more fun to make your own?

Of course it would!

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How to run a batch file as admin in Windows 7

This is quite a handy tip I picked up this week when I had a Windows batch file which I needed to run with administrator privileges.

Of course, you can find the file, right click it, select Run as Administrator and do it that way, but if you need to run this file more than a few times, that soon gets to be a pain in the neck.

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How to pass parameters to your WordPress templates

I currently find myself in the middle of redesigning this site, as I want to move away from the generic WordPress theme to something a little more individual. That my new design should be responsive was a no-brainer, but this time round I decided to try something new (for me, at least) and that was to design for mobile first.

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