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Archive for September, 2012

An introduction to FXRuby

I recently got an article published on entitled “An introduction to FXRuby”. In this article I show you how to get up and running with FXRuby, introduce you to some of the more commonly used widgets, and demonstrate how to build a simple application with some real world value (a password generator).

Read the complete article on Rubysource

Overlaying Lightbox with the HTML5 Canvas Element

Here’s how to use the HTML5 canvas element in conjunction with Lokesh Dhakar’s excellent Lightbox2 script, to dynamically highlight a part of a static image (in this case individual offices on a company’s floor plan).  Read more…

Display a random thumbnail image next to gallery excerpt in WordPress

I have a WordPress site (designed using a Twenty Eleven child theme), which has a whole bunch of image galleries on it.

By default, these galleries will display on the front page of the blog as follows:

Read more…